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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Song meme

Thanks to Kethrivis I am doing a song meme.


  • Start your media player and put it on random
  • List the first lines of the first 32 songs it plays, even if you are embarassed to let people know you own that artist
  • As people correctly guess the title and artist in the comments, cross out the songs on your list and add the info
  • Using a search engine is cheating
  • Looking on or similar social music play tracker is also cheating
  • If the song title is in that first line, you may skip it
  • If too many by the same artist(s) keep popping up, you may skip them to increase diversity
  • Pass it on!

So here is my list:

  1. Come on baby, baby, take a trip with me
  2. My uncle has a country place that noone knows about "Red barchetta" by Rush (tangent)
  3. Every time I look at you I go blind
  4. Do you remember the night the lights went out all along the promenade?
  5. When my baby's on the corner and she's lookin' so fine
  6. Girl, I just know I love you now
  7. And from where I stand I reach my hand to capture a glow
  8. All bound for Mu Mu Land
  9. I've got a picture, It's there on the wall
  10. What you say to drive that girl away when she's the one and only?
  11. Love me forever let me know that you'll never leave me out in the cold
  12. I hate to say the feeling's gone, and every day I can't keep holding on
  13. This car is automatic, it's systematic, it's hydromatic "Greased Lightning by John Travolta (tangent)
  14. Lady luck never smiles, so lend your love to me a while
  15. Don't ask me what you know is true "Never Tear us Apart" by INXS (tangent)
  16. Some equal man here is telling it to me
  17. Painted old lady collecting splinters on the bench
  18. Hot sun beating down, burning my feet just walking around
  19. If we could see tomorrow what of your plans
  20. Can I take this for granted with your eyes over me?
  21. I am not the type of dog that could keep you waiting for no good reason
  22. Lonely feeling deep inside, find a corner where I can hide
  23. Welcome to your life, there's no turning back "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears (tangent)
  24. In and out of darkness, in and out of sleep
  25. You've got a great car, yeah, whats wrong with it today?
  26. Live baby live, now that the day is over
  27. Prejudice. Wrote a song about it, like you to hear it. Here it goes.
  28. There could be countless reasons tension rules this house
  29. I would tell you about the things they put me through
  30. I wasn't jealous before we met, now every woman I see is a potential threat
  31. And do those feet in modern times walk upon the flowers
  32. Well sometimes in the evenings I start to get that feeling

Guess away!