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Thursday, 6 January 2005

Well, Bill Gates might have finally done it — said something to surpass his "640kB should be enough for anyone" bit. In an article on C|Net news, Gates said:

In terms of our agility to do things on the browser, people who underestimated us there in the past lived to regret that.

In response Ben Goodger, one of Firefox's developers has this to say:

Bring It On

As business savvy as Gates is, he's never been very visionary — as that 640kB line shows — and neither has Microsoft been so. Virtually everything they supposedly pioneered they copied from somebody else. What Gates and Microsoft did do well was utilize their economic leverage gained from being chosen by IBM to provide the operating system for the original IBM PC - the first widely popular home computer.

But Microsoft has never been about what the consumers want — or at least only insofar as it will get them some market share so they can force down the consumer's throat what Microsft things should be like. The 800lb gorilla of the software world but unfortunately not even half a smart as a chimp.

Gates's response to the mention of security and Internet Explorer is to bring up autoupdate and how with that you don't have to think any more. We've all known it for a while, but with that Microsft has finally revealed that they aren't about Where do you want to go today? but really We'll tell you what to think today.

Truly — our only hope is open source.