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Sunday, 27 June 2004

Yippee! I have had more or my excess verbiage printed in The Record and once again it was on the subject of so homosexual rights (this is getting to be a habit for me). So, for your reading pleasure I have included here both my letter to the editor an dthe original which provoked my response. Enjoy or disagree strenuously — your choice.

First, the original...

The sense in which the nearly unanimous history of human culture has viewed homosexual behaviour as unnatural is independent of statistical considerations, whether anthropological or zoological.

As The Record anticipates in its June 11 editorial, the naturalness or otherwise of human sexual behaviour has always and everywhere been tied to the great good of conceiving and rearing children. "Ah," muses our editor, "but 'most people do not believe that the sole purpose of... intercourse is procreation.' "

True enough, but procreation is a purpose, and furthermore, it is a vitally important purpose for the nurture and survival of civilization itself. Hence the nearly universal care taken by civilizations to protect and foster the fragile institution of marriage.

Clearly, not "every single act" of sexual intercourse can or even should be procreative. But the more relevant question is whether it is acceptable for every sexual act of a person to be, intentionally and with full knowledge, non-procreative. In the human race, sexuality and civilization are bound together because sexuality is the means by which civilization exists and continues its existence into succeeding generations.

It is a unique characteristic of our species that our young remain dependent for many years upon their parents for both physical and psychological development. Where the enjoyment and pleasure of sexuality is separated from the care and nurture of children, society loses its ability to transmit itself through time. Thus, whatever else sex may be about, and it is about many things, it must irreducibly be about children.

This is why the expression of homosexual desires, which undoubtedly existed with as much statistical regularity in other times and places as in our own, has never been given the sanction and blessing of society.

Philip Toman

...and next my repsonse

Philip Toman, in his June 18 letter to the editor, Our Survival's At Stake, has got it all wrong on sexuality and homosexuality.

Toman first says that not every act of sexuality should be about procreation, but he later says that sexuality must irreducibly be about children.

Well, which is it? Human sexuality is obviously not only about procreation. If it were, women would only be interested in sex when they were ovulating. At other times of the month they would be completely uninterested.

At the end of his letter, Toman suggests that we shouldn't sanction homosexuality because it was not done in the past.

Using that logic we should revoke women's right to vote because they never had it in the past.

What about interracial marriages? Shall we go back to the days of Ira Johnson and Isabel Jones being harassed by the Ku Klux Klan, right here in Ontario?

Just because something was done a certain way in the past does not automatically mean that way is the better way. What is important in the present is that we do what is fair.

Cory Albrecht

Tuesday, 22 June 2004

I recently rediscovered the Internet Oracle, a most wonderful source of wisdom (assuming the Oracle does not ZOT! you for asking a dumb question). Since I survived my first year as a youth group sponsor at my church, I decided to ask the Oracle how I should continue on for next year. Here is my question an dthe Oracle's reply:

The Internet Oracle has pondered your question deeply.
Your question was:

> Oh wise Oracle, greatest of that delphic clan, I beg of the to answer 
> my question.
> This past year I became one of the adult sponsors for the  youth group 
> at my church. Now that I have gotten the teenagers to like me, what 
> would the best way to twist their little minds to the Dark Side without 
> their parents realizing what is going on? (P.S. This needs to be done 
> on the cheap since it's a small church and we don't have the biggest 
> budget for youth activities.)
> I await with supplication your gnostic revelations on my teen-control 
> strategy.
> --
> Cory C. Albrecht
> Advertising (n): the science of arresting the human intelligence for 
> long enough to get money from it.
>  -- Stephen Leacock.

And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

} In the future, if you're going to ask advice for how to corrupt young
} minds, I recommend you don't sign your name on the bottom... Mr.
} Leacock.
} I'd say America's already got their bases covered -- teachers can
} already "screen" children for possible mental problems with the help
} of an Texan ex-governor, even diagnose their supposed conditions; it
} gets them started on drugs right away.  Any goody-two-shoes you can report
} as a "possible Columbine risk" to the Pinkerton Agency or Department
} of Homeland Security.
} But I understand you want to expand your base of operations to the
} world, and there is also something /genuinely/ American about a
} do-it-yourself and elbow-grease attitude.  Bravo for not resorting to
} the government to twist young minds.
} Perhaps the most famous corrupter of young student's minds was Socrates,
} whose doctrine of doubt and critical thinking roused a whole city into
} a lynch mob -- well, a hemlock mob, he was an old man after all -- and
} distorted young men's minds for generations if not centuries after him.
} Another example of how critical thinking can twist one's spirit is in
} the Jesuit Order: it's said that the regimen of analytical thinking that
} Jesuit priests have to go learn will either render their faith
} invulnerable, or destroy their faith utterly.  
} I suggest you follow the example of history and teach these children to
} think for themselves, to scrutinize authority, and to pause for thought
} before obeying people who claim to be their betters.
} You owe the Oracle some Jonestown soda-pop, or Davidian BBQ sauce.