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Sunday, 11 April 2004

In the past couple of week there were a few PPCF Youth events. The fist was the sleepover at the church on 27-28 March 2004, at which I only got two hours of sleep. The last movie they watched (Bowling For Columbine) ended at about 5:15am. I still don't know what dumb idea made me stay awake with the youth while the two ather youth sponsors went to bed at 3:00am. Though now I have verifiable proof that I need more sleep now then when I was in high school. :-) Pictures for the sleep over can be found here

The second event was the annual PPCF Easter Breakfast which the Youth plan and serve. A few weeks ago, one of the sponsors, Elgin Shantz, said that if the Youth can raise $200 dollars or more by the Easter Breakfast, the Youth could shave off his beard — which he has not been without for 25 years! Since Jacob Yantzi raised the most money, he was the one who go to do the deed. Pictures of the breakfast and shaving can be seen here.