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Monday, 2 February 2004

Yes, it is true, I have had another letter to the editor printed in my local news paper. This time it is about photo–radar, which almost every seems to be complaining about. Personally, I don't see what the problem is, as I say in my letter.

Bring back photo radar — it's not a big deal

I don't see what the big hoopla over photo radar is all about.

The biggest reason I heard in the public outcry back in 1995 when the provincial government cancelled photo radar was the same one I hear today: "What if that is not me driving my car?"

Well, that is just an excuse, and a poor one at that. If it wasn't you then it was a family member or a friend to whom you lent your car. If your family member or friend gets a parking ticket with your car, then they hand it over the next time they see you along with a promise to pay it back.

If they are not honest, and you don't find out until several months later when the second notice arrives in your mail box, then you go to them and ask to be reimbursed. And perhaps you will be more responsible about whom you lend your car to in the future.

We can deal with photo-radar tickets in exactly the same way. I wonder if the people complaining are the same people who get angry when they get a ticket for parking in a space reserved for the disabled?

I have little (if any) sympathy for people complaining about photo–radar. Don't speed, keep to the posted limits, drive safe. Oh, and be responsible to whom you lend your vehicle.